Am I captain save a f***boi?

Dear f*** boi I’m  sorry for trying to save you from yourself, I’m sorry for playing myself  to think you could ever change, trying to over compensate for your lack of effort it’s as if I was playing two roles but I forget there is only me in this relationship, because you’ve been a ghost since the beginning.

Dear ladies, a question for you have you ever done this?   Do you have a saviour complex? The ideology that you have to play a hero to certain people who come into your life who even though they do need rescuing you may not be the most equipped to help them. Sure we all want to try and save some people from themselves because sometimes your destruction is caused by you but you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped.

You also have to learn when to back of and leave a person to their own devices if they want you in their life they will come back to you one thing I know for sure even though I don’t know everything is that is for sure, unless pride gets in the way but pride kills…….

Dear f*** boi Yes pride kills allowing ego to dictate how your life is going to go, it is not hard to say sorry at all its one word or you could apologise you know say I’m sorry for doing you wrong I’m going to leave you alone now but for some reason that is too difficult  a task for you. You have to keep running back with the same old I will never do someting like this again and we buy into it wholeheartedly cause we want to believe you’ve changed and the truth is until you are ready to you never will.

Dear ladies learn to be strong and have the will to tell them no don’t ever let them hook their claws into you so deep you can’t shake them of, they want you untill reality hits and then they run allow them to run far and when they come back don’t let them back in your heart again stop trying to save them, you need to allow them to grow by themselves and mature but please note the mature  version of the fuck boi may not be for you sometimes they grow to be the perfect man for someone else.

You were a lesson a perfect blessing the cutting of period that you gave him is what influences them to grow the pain of knowing they lost someone real, a good woman, a woman who has their back 100% the pain always comes whether straight away or later on in their lame lives and you will have moved on to someone better become their blessing and that will be twice a blessing.

Dear fuck boi learn from your past mistakes and grow from it, you wutless behaviour that you insist on using to get through life can’t work any longer. You say you want a wife but you are far from husband, boyfriend or even friend material.

You should wear a sign around your neck saying proceed with caution because your behaviour is toxic and contagious. Reflection would be your best friend has anything happened in the past to make you how you are today if so deal with it and grow up.

Dear fuck boi and dear ladies you can’t work together and once is always the giver and the taker if someone is always taking and giving the relationship is doomed to fail before it’s even began. I suggest you both walk down a two way street and select different paths and hope that they don’t cross one another again.

Keshia rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚


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