Hit me like a bullet

That feeling of wanting to scream but it doesn’t come out, when the realisation hits you that you and your partner are no more. There was no true ending he just casually tossed you aside as if you were nothing to him, but he meant everything to you.

It’s the power play he did everything right to trap you in the relationship, a real smooth kind of guy made you feel like the only woman for him then as soon as he had you he runs faster then a cheater on steroids. Being drawn into this sense of comfort and wanting and needing to be loved. Only to be devalued in a second because the reality of the relationship wasn’t as good as the idea of it and that’s from both sides.

You ask yourself questions where did I go wrong? This can only be answered by him and most children in grown ass bodies will not answer that question either at all or without being cruel. Who got in between us? usually another person isn’t to blame except for the two within the situation and men can be cruel they won’t always tell you who whether another person is involved they will just break of and not contact you.

Final question why did I allow myself to get played? You can either beat  yourself up or move on I suggest you move on and realise sometimes it’s not anything you’ve done its on him you tried your best but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Everyone wants to keep our eyes open and not let snakes slither in our grass but sometimes we miss one and it’s human we all fall for the wrong person they have ways to get underneath our senses and make us embrace the wrong even though we know what’s right.

So it hit in my heart like a bullet, I had to put myself back together again, or I could say fuck it and stay broken and sullen…

Keahia rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚


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