What I hate about parties?!!

Now I don’t want you to think I’m some negative ass person but I sometimes I really hate parties having to fake a smile when you’d rather crawl underneath your bed covers and mind your business.

  1. You have to look good

Nothing Β I find worse then having to be extra careful with make up when you’re going out clubbing, I wish it simple just slap it on and go but as I don’t want to resemble crusty the clown from the Simpsons it nah guh so. So there is the sexy dress, jump suit sometimes shorts you have to wear the heels that try endlessly to snap yuh ankles. Not forgetting jewellery either and it has to go with your outfit

2. Dusty creatures (I mean men) hit on you

I want to go out and party with my girls not have to deal with the crypt keeper why are you following me this isn’t a game of hide and seek there is no satisfaction. Tells g these men is like talking to a wall there is no response and sometimes they’re too drunk to care when you tell them to step up. Boy bye and I say that kindly 😊

3. Some jackass who can’t fight always starts a fight

please explain to me why your no fighting ass is getting involved in a fight that a you know you can’t win and b you started why must you cause trouble then act innocent. All you do is ruin the atmosphere bottles flying everywhere and a chick losing their hair heyyyyy fighhhhhht 😫😌

4. I came to drink and have a good time right?

So why the drinks so damn expensive people got to get taxi’s home if they’re not driving so I don’t want to spend all my money on drinks that I buy for myself at home and mind my business fix up please

5. The dj pull to much nuh

imagine the scenario you’re whining down low to your fave dancehall track, and then you hear the dreaded words ‘pulllllllll up’ how about hush up and let the song run we don’t want to hear you we want the music when one song gets pulled up aka rewinded 50 friggin times in a row I just want to sit down drink and be merry

So there you have it what i hate about parties 😌

Keshia rose 2016 2016 (c) β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š


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