Black lives matter

So in case you’ve been living under a rock you would have noticed what is going on in America as police brutality against black people is reaching its breaking point. Now I as a black woman feel very strongly about this issue.

When we say black lives matter we are not saying other non-black lives don’t matter we are asking for the proper acknowledgement and recognition that we also matter. Even here in the uk police brutality goes on they are not all sweetness and light and you would be a fool to believe it. There have been several incidents of black men and women dying in police custody the only difference  between the uk and the us police officers is the ones here in the uk can not carry guns.

If you think I’m only talking for the good of my health I suggest you read up on Kingsley Burrell or smiley culture and start from there or may be research up on Sarah reed that would be of use to you. Also you can look on Facebook there have been plenty of vids posted where the uk police have beaten up on people but they’re harmless right?!’

Let me say two more words for you to research up on mark duggan!!

Black lives matter because since slavery black men women and children have been persecuted simply for the difference in our skin colour. How many black men and women must be a victim of racial profiling before this ends? How many black children have to grow up without their parents because some trigger happy police officer thought it was his duty to save himself from himself when there was no threats to his life?

How many black women have to watch their sons, daughters husbands fathers die before something is done? How many times do we have to say we matter to without being beaten down and told to be quiet, we won’t be silenced any more!!

Keshia rose 2016 (c) ✊🏾❤️💚💛




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