Natural hair problems part 2

Time to conclude my list of 8 natural hair problems the first part was posted two weeks ago and now it’s time to finish ☺️

1. My hair loves frizz every and any hair style I do the dreaded frizz has to show itself no matter what I do. It’s becoming s joke I show you tender love and care and you show mi fuzz and frizz

2. Random pieces of fluff in your hair from nowhere now you ever noticed you randomly get bits in your hair even though it’s freshly washed and mosturised what is this? Just attracted to my hair like a moth to a flame it’s never been cool

3. No matter how much I detangle my hair certain hairstyles when taken down are full of knots and you have to be care incredibly  careful not to rip out a section of your hair while removing them ouch 😖

4. Wash day!! The day where you embrace your hair in all its glory and give it a good shampoo (if you use it sulphate free of course) and deep conditioner and or a protein treatment. Now this becomes a problem when your hair has become so thick that even when you think it’s rinsed well you still have bits in your hair either residue from the shampoo or the flakes you’re trying to get rid of just can’t win sighs!!

So there you have it 8 reasons why natural hair even though I love it can be a pain in the ass nothing in life comes easy and natural hair is prove of that in spades

Keshia rose 2016 (c) 


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