Beautiful black woman

Black women know that you are loved 

I know that it may not seem like it now but please know you are loved. When it seems the whole world is against you just remember all of us black women across nations, countries and continents have each other’s backs. Black girl magic yes indeed

The black girl magic you posses in the way you can carry yourself 

That black girl magic that only we possess in abudence the way we carry ourself, the way we talk, the way we express ourselves like queens upon a throne. The way we can rock any type of hairstyle from natural to weave it’s unique and sophisticated.

That melanin that glows in the sun 

When we are out in the sun making our deep melanin even darker there is nothing that compares as if we are sun kissed by nah up above. Covered in liquid black gold we sparkle a richness one can not purchase. We are beautiful creatures of the earth and we’ve made our mark.

An unwatered flower can not grow….

but we are the cactuses of the earth we remain despite challenges we may face. It’s a blessing to be a black woman despite the cross we bare because our features and hair an culture is different. We’ve had to carry for so long you question when will someone come to your rescue but often times that does not happen. Now I could be sad about it or I could remember that I’m surrounded by love and it comes in small packages we have the black girl magic a beautiful trending topic on Twitter to remind us black women of our beauty no matter the shade.

We also have the natural hair movement that was started to reflect the growing number of women specifically black women who were turning away from relaxers and wanting to embrace the beauty of their own hair in its natural state.

An also friends in your life who encourage you and want the best for you the sistah a who root for you the black queen that you are on a daily basis so black women know that you are loved cherished strong determined individuals and never forget ❤️💚💛

Keshia rose 2016 (c)



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