Flea in my inbox

Yesterday morning there happened to be a flea in my inbox now not an actual flea but a pest all the same. Did not know this man from Adam but there he was like a plague during biblical times having no business in my Facebook inbox.

Usually I would have been nice with my approach but yesterday was not the time for it, why do men in relationships (not all men) think it’s acceptable to jump in a single woman’s inbox what are you doing?’ Do you not have a good woman at home if not that is not my business but I shall tell you about yuh dutty stinkin crasses bag of shit self.

Learn to have respect now I know you saw my profile pic and i was looking quite alright but at the end of the day, I was looking good for myself and that’s it I’m not here for you at all. If you are under the impression that because I’m single I’m going to entertain your fuckery you’re messing with the wrong woman.

There are some ladies who will jump at the chance to have relations with a man in a relationship but that’s not me and has never been my style. Just because they spread their legs open wider then a letter opener it doesn’t mean I want to do the same.

Can someone explain to me why it is always these older gentlemen who creep up in your inbox like candy man in your friggin mirror only I don’t have to say their name three times. I’m not interested in any man whose five minutes from entering a nursing home urgh goodbye and go focus on your woman.

So flea I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help to your cheating ways I know some woman will allow your foolishness that’s on her, oh and if you think I feel sorry for saying what I did to you nope. I wish I had some fuck boy spray and bottle of bop to cleanse my inbox of these parasites like oh but unfortunately that’s not available but there’s time ☺️✌🏾️

Sincerely bye sexy 😏

Keshia rose 2016 (c)


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