Dear second chance

I would like to say everyone deserves a second chance but that would be a myth because it’s just not true. Everyone needs time to reflect on past actions and grow from them and mature I’ve observed there are two different types of people in the world those who want a second chance for the right reasons who come into your life like a damn thief and remind you how they once took your breath away. The second type is who we are going to discuss demons in disguise I’d advice the readers to get a bible and some holy water I don’t want you to get caught out.

The first time you met it was like the beginning of something new a new bud in the ground waiting to blossom into something beautiful, but then you get a quick reminder that even beautiful things decay. They don’t often show you their true colours right away they’d rather paint a picture in black and white and think you won’t peel away the layers like an onion only there are no tears.

How could you be so blind because people can fool you into thinking something is much more then it is, say all the right things, a whisper in your ear that they love u and need you then stomp all over the heart without so much as sorry just a quick reminder people will treat you like a welcome mat with the sign please treat me badly I’ll take it which is far from the truth.

So you break up the tears cascade down your face like a waterfall at dunns river, you have to emotionally heal burn all your feelings for that person away and move forward don’t reflect on it too much just see it as something that happened that you often times have no control over even the smartest person can be made dumb by what they think is love.

So you move on with your  life and the demon I mean human being decides to return to your life with a sorry apology with their sorry ass that they never meant the hurt they caused and they’ve grown up now and everything is in the past.

You can’t help but get that uneasy queasy feeling that something isn’t right why after all these years, if you were truly sorry wouldn’t you have said it after months not a long period of time some people are not to be trusted. There snakes who slither their way into your life cause the upmost hurt and destruction and then move on like they’ve caused you no pain don’t under any circumstances give them a second chance.

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to show a person the perception of being strong in order for them to get the message and leave u alone not everyone deserves a second chance they say forgiveness is for the soul well I can forgive you from a distance but still never want to entertain you again I’m not clown and my life is not a circus……

Sincerly misguided but never dumb

Keshia rose 2016 (c)


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  1. Nice one Keisha .. I do agree with some of your points .. forgiveness is good for the soul and we can all learn lessons and move on if intuitively we feel it is the thing to do or forgive and give a second chance. Again, I say it is dependent on the situation and love can be fickle in all it’s stages .. somehow we too participated .. this was, to some extent, a very good read!


    1. Thanks safia yes i agree with u every situation is different I guess I was doing it from a one sided point of view next time I shall write from a more broad perspective thanks again for the feedback ☺️ Xx


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