A letter to a broken heart

Dear broken heart where do I begin from the first crack or when you was still whole…..

I’ll try to make this brief as I can the first guy had me walking on air, becoming the oxygen to my lungs and the beat to your beautiful drum but eventually he became the sword in my side and the first cut in your glorious elegance

how do I apologise for being the main cause of your sorrow and heartache Melanie Fiona said it best ‘who knew that my heart could ever bruise, you see these scars here on my chest I’m hurting’

the second cut to you merely became the plaster to an already damaged and hurt heart, used for my body and stole my soul I became lost less then my mind seeking to find who I was and  still you kept beating needing me to survive so you could eventually heal…..

I know they say the fist cut is the deepest but what if several different knives are used all cutting away until what’s left is nothing you beat to survive but it’s like a dead flower beautiful on the outside but has no true purpose……

Maybe if I listened to what my mind had told me more his bad for you don’t go there I could have saved you from this but you wanted to be loved I wish I’d have been firmer and saw all the warning signs A person should often times say no to their heart and yes to their mind more because what the heart wants isn’t always good for it…….

sincerly I broke you but I can heal you

Keshia rose 2016 (c)



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