Worthless men part 2

So here I go again cussing and insulting the men who aren’t worth a lot to piss in. Too rude?!! Meh some of them need it

Guy number three who I can’t stand is the one who thinks your name is bludclart money bank Everytime he goes broke he begs you for money, now I’m all for when you’re in a serious commited relationship giving money when your partner may or may not need it but when you are constantly asking you need a hot box across your mouth. Money doesn’t grown on trees or me so I suggest you go find yuhself a sugar mumma ✌🏾️

Guy number 4 I can’t stand and the final one the Cheat!!! His the worst one the sneaky prick who honestly thinks no one will find out about his wicked ways. Constantly looking for satisfaction in every other pebble on the shore when he has a glorious diamond in his grasp. A diamond in a poor mans hands isn’t necessarily worth anything. Whether it’s emotional or physical cheating they seem to love it having their cake and eating it to. While on Facebook writing statuses about if you have a real one never let her go but you fail to realise karma will hit you soon but it’s ok it’s all fair in love and war!!

So there you have it the four types of men I can’t stand now this isn’t to say all men are bad no that’s not my agenda this is just to let those bad ones know I’m on to their game ☺️✌🏾️

Keshia rose 2016 (c)


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