Natural hair problems part 1

Now I love my natural hair as much as the next girl or man but sometimes it can be a real struggle and if that’s not the problem it’s weird things your hair loves to do that never happened before u returned to natural lol here is a lil list

  1. Walking underneath a low bush is a nightmare for your hair especially if it’s out, you feel that pull as the twigs and branches make love to your hair and your hair rejected it several times I’ve had strange and foreign leaves in my head top 😕

2. You know that lovely hair band that had your hair puff on point well now it’s decided to tangle up in your hair but you can’t exactly rip it out now can u gently does it while your hair insists on holding on for dear life what are u doing?!!!


3. Your hairs love affair with random Bobby pins you have a really nice hair do and you take it down and you thought you’ve gotten rid of all the pins. Until the next morning when you realised one asss playing hide and seek in between your curls please don’t play with me!!


4. Trying to pull your thick hair into a puff without the use of hair gel. Now I don’t know what it is but hair without hair gel when doing a puff often times doesn’t go right I’ve managed it before a few times but that one day when your hair tells you no a thousand times and you feel like crying friggin nightmare I have to admit it does proof the strength of our hair the fact it doesn’t always cooperate ☺️ Got to love it

So as much as I love my hair it can be tedious getting it to behave and do what u want it to but it’s cool natural hair problems part 2 coming up soon

Keshia Rose 2016 (c)


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