Worthless men part 1

Nothing I love more then a guy whose honest about his intentions and let’s you know how he feels it’s so damn attractive that’s a guy  on his grown man shit. Then comes the other type of guy one who fucks his way through life thinks the grass his smoking is green who are you fooling I beg you move from me and tek yuh dutty ass elsewhere.

Two type of men I can’t stand as I intend to keep this brief the guy who plays games thinks that he can say any old nonsense and you will buy it because apparently us women nuh have brains were just sorry saps who just take everything a man says to be gospel. I admit some of us do participate in the gospel of bullshit singing to sorrows of a sorry man Heavenly Father from up above pray for us.

The man plays games because A were too blind to see what his up to while he he has several women on the go at once and only one of us has the good sense to see what his up to. The rest of us get caught up in what we think is love, what we think is a good relationship and really he was just good at hiding things.

Second type of man I can’t stand those who you tell constantly you are not interested but yet they live in your damn inbox what is wrong with you what part of no do you not comprehend it’s not hard. Go away leave me alone find something useful to do with your time, I never said I wanted you and if you have a girl would she appreciate you talking to other women behind her back if you can answer no then you’re an idiot. I’m gonna say it like this and hope you don’t ask me to repeat myself!!

If a woman didn’t say she was giving u any play or attention then your advances are unsolicited and uninvited if I want see Duppy I would tek my ass either on ghost tour or to a graveyard on Halloween and for some of ya’ll knowing full well you have ooman at home but acting like you’re single it’s time you listen to your damn head and not your hormones and dick we cant help you, we especially do not want you and it’s always the dutty crusty looking brotha who should be grateful that he even has a woman that starts creeping so a beauty gives you a chance and you act like the beast you are this ain’t a Disney movie there is no happy ending and I hope your girl finds out and cuts u sincerely my holy water and blessed self rebukes u Satan ✌🏾️☺️

So there you have it the two types of men I can’t stand the most stay tuned for worthless men part 2 coming soon 🤗

Keshia rose 2016 (c)


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