single and what??

So you’ve reached your late 20’s and realised while all your friends are in relationships, you are still single. What you desire they already have and feelings of resentment can creep up out of nowhere, you have to learn to let go of what you don’t have currently. Focus on yourself first and foremost and not what other people in your life are doing. I know everything seems golden from the other side but truthfully that’s not always the case. Why you see perfect bliss and harmony they could be having problems, that you just do not know about.

  1. Work on your confidence 

I know it seems like you are always going to be single but having negative thoughts in your head only lead to low self-esteem and zero confidence. Try to smile a bit more when a cute guy gives you the look, walk with your shoulders held back like you can achieve anything, even being as brave to say hello if the opportunity arises. Even if it doesn’t lead to anything the fact you stepped out of your comfort zone is very appealing, and men can sense it and want to get to know you i’ve witnessed this personally. Remember your beautiful and no one can tell you different. a smile is a woman’s best curve.

2.  Don’t be negative 

Easier said then done i know, focus on other things that gain your interest so you stop focusing and brooding on the fact you don’t have a special person in your life. At the end of the day once you take your head out of the clouds you will realise that there are things in your life that are golden. You need to embrace what you already have, focus on yourself whats good in your life, and when the time is right that special person shall come into your life.

3. Speak what you want into existence 

From speaking to a few friends of mine they’re into not necessarily making a list, but letting the universe know or god what you want out of life. Whether that be what qualities you want in a man, or simply the type of job you wish to look for. Now with regards to being single, speak that you want a relationship into existence focus on yourself but keep in mind what you want should it occur. It all about believing something can happen. Also remember that blessings may come in a different packaging then you are expecting always be open to something new.

4. Dont get down 

yes you are single but its not the end of the world. Relationships are hard work, and require 100percent commitment from both parties. If you cant be happy alone then you will never be happy in a relationship. You have to work on yourself, self-happiness and self-esteem. If you aren’t truly happy with yourself and learning to love your own company, what will being in a relationship change. You never want to be co-dependent on someone, trying to share in their own self-happiness, because yours is absent and impossible to find.

5. Focus on you!! 

Are there any hobbies you enjoy doing, such as reading or writing. Make time for those, also when your friends are free ask them to go out clubbing or for a meal spend time with them and build your bonds up. You may not see them as often because they have their own lives and are in a relationships but remember they love you and cherish you and want the best for you. So when you have the chance a phone call will not hurt, and if you feeling a little down there is no harm in ranting on. True friends listen to being single dramas and vice versa you listen to their relationship dramas lol :-). Do not ever be discouraged you never know the right guy for you might also be dealing with the same internal conflict, if you both don’t work on yourself you may not be able to work together.

Keep your head up and shine on

coco brown Reid 2016 (c)




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