Yo my name is not baby!!

Nothing I mean nothing irritates and annoys me more then a man beeping his horn at me while I’m walking minding my business, then when you look his there smiling at you and giving you the wink like you’re supposed to be flattered or something believe me I’m not.

I literally can’t decide whose worse is it the men in the cars with no manners, or the men on the street who love to come with their sweet talk, e.g ‘yo, empress be my queen, or ‘you looking alright still can’t I have your number’ then you have the men full of drama.

Can we women live?!! If I go ignore a guy I don’t expect to be insulted your approach was all of so therefore that leads to an automatic shut down, nuh bodda try it vibe from me (though honestly I’m like this a lot of the time lol) moving on if we women chose to deny your request to come check us please move on and don’t sit sulking like a little baby and throwing insults such as ‘well you ugly anyway’ we weren’t ugly when you was trying to holla so please let go of that mess.

Dont get me wrong I’m flattered when a guy hits on me, I tend to go all shy and if I wasn’t black I would be blushing for the hills, and my ability to talk becomes non-existent. I had a by of a turn around just last Saturday a guy gave me the eye and I made sure he knew I saw him, it eventually led to a hello and a smile from him and a hi back and a wave from me, what broke down my barriers was his approach he was completely respectful wish I had gotten his number but he was with a friend so it’s all good.

So there you have it for the men who want to throw disrespect at a woman and still expect her to entertain them you are barking up the wrong tree, and for those of you men who know how to approach a lady in a way that will flatter her and make her feel good bless you, and for the rest of you galong!! Coco brown Reid 2016 (c)




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