Seed planted in the ground for a new beginning was to rise, seed possessed all the knowledge it needed to grow for the elder flower has endowed upon all the beauty, grace and wisdom…..
Seed turned into a bud, but refused to listen to the elder flower, I’ll go my own path I can grow on my own, silly bud elder flower said how can you grow when you reject the sun, you insist on hiding in the darkness where you neglect to grow, still it didn’t matter to bud my own path is mine and yes I dwell in the darkness but it doesn’t mean I’m heartless….
Bud became a weed warned numerous times this is how you grow, but you wanted to flow on your own, nothing wrong with that unless you chose the wrong path, we tried to guide you, let you embrace the sun, ignored the knowledge imparted upon your sweet innocence, but you were a rebellious soul, who lost all control, and now you’re hurting alone and in the dark where you made your mark, when you could have shone in light, with great might…… Coco brown Reid 2016 (c)


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