Natural hair community and discrimination

Can never go to far without noticing the blatant discrimination that seems to be present in the natural hair community based on hair textures. This I have never understand isn’t the whole point of going natural to embrace who you are as a person and return to your roots without being told your hair is not good enough.

You know the nonsense maybe the hair would look better if its plaited no girl my hair isn’t crazy because I’ve left it out it’s called a twist out. It seems very clear that your hair is only as good as the hairstyle it’s in or what type hair your have.

Looser hair textures are generally deemed more attractive then those of us who tend to have more tighter hair textures, where it’s less curly and more coily and kinky still beautiful but entirely different. Taking care is also incredibly different and varied, I wish there was more emphasis on healthy hair yes know what your hair texture but do not become lost in that.

Have we forgotten the reasons we go natural, to learn to grow to reconnect, who told us our hair was not presentable in its natural form. Why do we have relax or straighten our hair to look good are that lost. Own your truth if you want to do  that to your hair but do not let society dictate that for you.

You ony have to look on YouTube to see the damage that picking people apart by hair textures can cause. It seems that with a looser texture or grade of hair you get more followers or subscribers compared to those who have tighter curls. It baffles because the advice could be completely the same, the hairstyles no different but purely based on who is more pleasing to the eye then that’s who gets the most attention.

Im happy to rock my fro and let it grow, watering my garden of naturalness!! Coco brown Reid 2016 (c)


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