So I’m back with another blog I meant to post this two weeks ago but procrastination city took over!! Anyway let’s git  into it the benefits of hot oil treatments and deep conditioning

Hot oil treatments are nothing new I remember my mum heating up Hollywood beauty carrot oil when I was a child and it really benefited in aiding the growth of my hair.

For some reason I stopped doing it once I was old enough to do my hair myself. You can do a hot oil treatment regardless of whether you hair is relaxed or natural or colour treated in fact if your hair is relaxed it’s much easier for the oil to penetrate your hair strands.

Things I’ve noticed about doing hot oil treatments is it soothes my scalp when it is literally on fire I have a dry scalp no matter how much water i drink and doing a hot oil treatment has helped relieve the itching and flaking plus it is no where near as sore as it used to be.

Second thing is doing a hot oil treatment and leaving it on over night means it’s so much easier for me to wash my hair the next day I do not have to fight with my strands to cooperate working on sections works best of you so hot oil treatments so every part of your scalp can feel that deh blessing.

Thirdly hot oil treatments can lead to length retention as they cost your hair and stop the shampoo from being as harsh. I have noticed far less breakage since I started incoperating into my weekly routine and my hair is thankful….

Now let’s talk on deep conditioning, a deep conditioner is a conditioner that contains ingredients that can penetrate your hair shaft and cuticles this enabling more moisture into your hair. That’s pretty much it there are two different kinds ones with protein and ones without.

Being that I have low porosity hair I typically find using ones with protein is not something I can do weekly, once a month or every six weeks works out best.

Benefits of deep conditioning are as I mentioned, more moisture being retained which also means during the week your hair does not dry out as quick. Your hair is much more manageable and less tangled. Once again length retention is my favourite word but yes more moisture leads to more length being retained. Plus you can do deep conditioning weekly or monthly it’s all up to you and what you feel your hair needs.

Also because your not just moisturising your roots but your ends the hair that grows out your scalp will also be healthier it’s a win win……

So with that being said I hope this blog post on natural hair care helps you to decide on whether you want to do hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment or maybe even both!!!


Written by Sistah Soul ❤️







Mental drainage is real…..

I wish I could describe how hard it is to be a black person living in the United Kingdom or Britain which ever term is better, today I’ve been feeling overwhelmed as if there is a elephant on my chest and I can’t breathe  but yet I just about manage to.

It doesn’t help when all you read is about racism happening to black students in uk universities. We are aware that these incidents happen all the time but I guess now it’s close to home it’s making me suffer. Feeling like we have the world on our shoulders and people are pushing it down crushing us.

We struggle to stay alive but shit is of no surprise!!! White people in this country will deny racism until their dying breath but that very same racism is now eating my goodness away I wish I believed in the power of prayer but honestly I don’t believe in a change.

Racism on twitter, racism on my YouTube vids is making me question whether I will continue to do vids speaking on race because those topics are the ones that cause the most trouble. I guess it’s working as the attention is there but is it the attention I want.

When I started my YouTube channel I did not know what to expect it started of mi doing snap chat and petty where i would do a five minute rant that I would upload to Instagram after condensing it (making sure it made sense) then I started uploading them to YouTube and they got the views not a lot but they were watched.

Now I do proper YouTube vids which I do not edit purely because I like to say things of the top of my mind that is my formula I could add animation etc but that’s not mi I will however start adding in an introduction and some music attached to that but that’s it.

My YouTube channel is now a variety of topics which I chose to talk on currently my most watched vid is the one I did back in December on Zimbabwe and that is where the racist comments started. Let alone the xenophobic comments I received from my fellow black people who said I shouldn’t talk on their situation because I’ve got it easy in Britain.

Does that not prove we need to work better to gain knowledge and true understanding of one another because the longer we stay divided the worse things will get and white people will stay ruling with their supremacy.

One thing I do know is all of this will make me stronger once I break through this feeling of emptiness and helplessness…,,

As they say ‘the pen is mightier then the sword’