Yesterday I attended Liverpool slave museum, when I tell you my emotions were stirred I mean every word.

I was all prepared not to enjoy it because you can’t enjoy something like that however…. Any preparedness I had done before didn’t help. I stepped in and was interested in the various quotes on the walls from those who have long passed such as the enslaved African people, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king. Walking through I could feel the energy of the ancestors as I absorbed all the negativity that was in that space.

Being bombarded with images of the constant oppression we still face, the horrors of the past and much more. I was astonished by the numbers of white people who were there. Despite not vocalising it I questioned their intentions? Are you there to learn? Or are you there to to poke fun at the pain that black people face daily. I saw them and I knew that some of them were viewing this museum like it’s a movie.

A fictional movie that grosses 100milliom on it’s first week. Except it’s not my fiction I can not disconnect from that pain, like they can. I am my ancestor that pain is eternal, they cause eternal suffering while we black people are expected to keep our emotions in check and in our place.

To my ancestors despite all you have suffered your strength is now within my and my brothers and sisters across the diaspora…….