So we’re going to have another conversation as I’m not done yet white people……

Im going to say it straight the psychological damage you have inflicted through white supremacy is one of the influences of black people’s poor mental health. You may not want to listen but I’m going to say it anyway because I don’t particularly care for your emotions.

Leta go back to slavery, just for a brief spell I don’t want to explode your brains or maybe I do who knows. Let’s talk about the damage that started of slowly.

Traumatising black men and black women by keeping them seperate, yes isolating black men and women from one another. Black families weren’t allowed to be together and you wonder why that trauma lasts into today.

However when we present facts, you insist on writing fiction you lot are experts world class authors on fiction novels.

Secondly let’s talk on what is happening recently with the spate of white people calling the police on black people fpr simply breathing the same oxygen as you. Are you that offended, because I’m sure your lungs are doing fine. Yet you insist on being petty.

White privileged human beings can’t function unless black people are constantly beneath them. Once again the word trauma imagine you are simply living your life and the police are called on you.

The fear of loosing your life or being beaten up, because Becky said you looked at her funny (where have we heard this before emmett till anyone?) it is not even so much the police being called, though we are steadily loosing trust for them and this seems to be a common theme. It’s the fact that white people can freely call the police and face no consequences.

While our mental health suffers, they can just apologise and that’s the end of that. While we only have to turn on our TV sets and see one of our brothers and sisters lying on the ground shot to death. You will never understand that pain, and I don’t care for you too.

Thirdly I want to address how you are damaging our black children, with the constant attacks on their self esteem. Imagine you go to the hairdressers get your hair done in braids which are nice and neat. To then go to a white institution where they instantly devalue them, and threaten them with expulsion just for a hairstyle. Or banning children from schools because they follow the Rastafarian faith and wear their hair in dreadlocks which is a reflection of this.

Apprently it distracts them from their education, I question the education you mean the myths and fables but I digress…. Or let’s talk about children and constantly disadvantaged from the minute they step into your gates. The reason why they’re black and they’re good to be productive to keep the white economy going working on mini plantations.

However what about their mental health, what about the fact that black people are the ones who are hospitalised at  higher rates compared to white people. Or the fact that black children’s mental health is suffering greatly. Cahms is overwhelmed and if whote choldrwn can’t get a referral instead being left on a waiting list for months. What chance do black children stand, absolutely none.

So yes white people are to blame for a lot these issues and it’s time for them to acknowledge it. The race audit Teresa may (Britain’s prime minister) released a few months ago was cute but that’s not enough. To put it simply there was nothing in the report that we didn’t already know……

Written by Sistah Soul


We need to continue this conversation as I feel there is much more to be discussed. We shall tackle an issue that I feel black parents particularly of the older generation tend to shy away from Mental health.

Now I want to start first of by apologising if you felt I was too harsh, however oftentimes pussy footing gets us nowhere!

Currently in the United Kingdom 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem that can be anything from anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or psychosis. Here in England alone, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week Mind, (2018)

Now to address the issue at hand Mental health, (2018) has found that black and minority ethnic groups are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems and are more likely to be diagnosed and admitted into hospital. These are the facts and it is time you face them and not run away. Your black children need you it’s not easy but we are all struggling we just don’t want to struggle with you also.

Black people get treated the worse by mental health services, more likely to be admitted into hopistals that’s if the services even take you seriously. Have you ever noticed it’s mainly the police or the courts that are overseeing the admission of ethnic minorities. Where is the primary care, e.g general practioners making referrals.

So we are not being recognised by the mental health services or we are overrepresented by far, then we are finding it difficult to even approach our parents and say my mind is broken how do I put the pieces of it back together.

In most Caribbean and African cultures mental health is seen as taboo, it’s not something we discuss black people are very much of the struggle in silence motto. Which is very detrimental to our health physically emotionally and mentally. With all the racism we face on a daily basis it’s actually amazing that more of us are not battling silent demons. That continuously plaque our every thoughts.

I’ve noticed that mental health within black communities is seen from an ignorant perspective we are either demonically possessed or just ‘tired’ if we have a good nights sleep we wake up tomorrow feeling right as rain. Though honestly for people with severe mental health issues it’s as if the rain is falling on top of them and they’re drowning.

My issue with a lot of black parents is the dismissive nature you seem to have, if your child approaches you and says something isn’t right I need help why do you assume the best option is to pray? Why not help your child to book an appointment with his/her gp.

Or is it the ignorance the unwillingness to accept that maybe the psychological damage was inflicted by how you’ve treated your children growing up. Now they’re Spiraling our od control and you’re faced with a mirror of your actions it’s too difficult to process.

I understand that oppression, white supremacy and white dominance has effected us all. However I can’t sit here and see black children drowning while their parents ignore it. At the end of the day we are only looking to be loved by you unconditional love has no barriers.

So here are my tips to address mental health for your black children….

1. Listen! If your child wether adult or not tells you they’ve not felt right for a long time, they are aware that something is wrong please listen do not judge, do not suggest praying about it. The time for action is now the sooner you get your sun or daughter help the sooner they have the potential to recover.

2. Stop being dismissive! There are often multiple signs that a person is having a break down and understandably they’re often missed. However if you acutely aware and know what to look out for you can help your child!

3. If you’re computer literate or if not ask someone to help you research up on black therapists, black psychologists. Or charities that are aimed at black, Asian and ethnic minorities in order for ya to get help within our communities. It is a pity to say that the struggles that we face white people typically have no clue on.

4. Finally 4! It is ok to accept help, some of you are not bad parents at all. It’s just this mentality of trying to help your child by yourself only is doing them more damage then you think. Let people in if you have family members who are nurses or doctors let them in to help what would they recommend. Please don’t try to do everything by yourself you’ll end mentally unstable also.

I hope black parents understand these conversations must continue, learn about mental health. What are the signs of poor mental health, does it run in your family etc.

‘Liberate the minds of men, and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men’ -Marcus Garvey

Written by Sistah Soul


You read that title right ladies, this is for you beautiful women.

Over the past year I have put weight on, I’ve gone from 9 stone to ten and a half and now just a little over ten stone. I lost a lot of weight due to stress (university is a killer!!)  However now the weight is on its stubbornly refusing to move not that I mind but you know people love fi chat.

My belly has also grown which is unfortunate lol, my bampsie has grown and my thighs and hips. My breasts are still little mosquito bites which is disappointing I thought with weight gain they would have gotten bigger. Alas no it wasn’t meant to be.

This blog is for you lovely ladies who may have gained weight, or lost it and you don’t feel comfortable. Clothes aren’t fitting how they used to (your favourite jeans are too tight or now they’re too big time to upgrade). It is ok for your body shape to change, to get love handles as long as you love them.

People will always talk on your body shape they are obsessed with it, ask yourself what is more important how do I feel about myself? Do I feel sexy when I look in the mirror, do I feel ready to face the world? Yes these jeans are a little snug but damn I look gud up.

It was only when I put this weight on that I was able to ask these questions to myself and realise, that when I was slimmer i wasn’t happy. I constantly complained about not having an ass, or wanting to have some meat on my bones.

Where as women who were bigger then I was wanted my slimmer body if I could have traded in a second I would have done best believe lol. Then I slowly started putting weight on and I finally learnt to love myself.

It is all about how you see yourself and how you learn to love yourself. No one can do it for you if there is something you aren’t happy about you can change it most times. However whether you’re marga (slim), slim thic, thic, or otherwise you are beautiful and special in your own way remember that ❤️

Written by Sistah Soul

This is going to be the most difficult to address no one wants to admit they suffer from self hate. To look at yourself in the mirror every day and think I don’t love what I see.

Self hate is complex because it can mean different things, first when I look in the morning  and see the melanin is it appealing to me? Is it too dark, too light too red etc. When I think of my skin I think it’s beautiful to be covered in this melanin is a blessing. However unlearning self-hate takes years of self-work and as I stated previously if your parents are the ones teaching you to hate yourself and your constantly around them it is not easy at all.

Secondly a lot of black people have strong African features now to say what country these phenotypes are from I couldn’t tell you as i have not done a ancestry dna test yet. However I have a big nose full lips, brown eyes yet social media and the general media has made it so these features are to be ashamed of when they are on black people. Talking specifically about the black womans body hips, thighs and possibly an ass it’s a shame that since Sarah baartman we have been ridiculed for our body types.

Now we have white women with these same features that we had innately but we loathe them while it’s made popular and the latest feature on a white woman. It is amazing how fakery is more prevent then reality these days.

Thirdly. I am ashamed to say that it seems as if the unity between black men and black women seems to be fracturing. We can’t seem to find each other, we will date outside our race and then go on the internet or a radio show and tear down one another if you don’t love yourself how can you love others who look like you do?

However there are those of us who are working on ourselves, trying to rebuild the black community, dating black showing black love in all forms is perfectly acceptable, knowing that we want to raise black children teach them if they are dark skinned they are the most beautiful girl or boy in the world your deep melanin is a delight to look upon. Supporting more black owned businesses especially now there is a black owned business for everything including ‘supermarkets, hair shops, clothes even sunglasses’ variety is truly the spice of life you can not deny a black person their talent.

Every black person who suffers from self hate from the point you don’t want to marry a dark skinned woman or man or have dark skinned children I understand your pain. However the more you swim in those seas of hate the more white people will drown you…..

Written by Sistah Soul

Lets have a conversation I know some of you may be offended by what I am about to say but I do not mince my words, i’m a top class rasshole (and no I’m not explaining what that word means you may steal that too)

Firstly let’s talk about how you not only colonised the whole world, decimated different African tribes, and the Indians native to America. You taught the surviving ones anti-blackness, we now hate who we are because of what you did!!

You beat into us that black was ugly and something to hate, that every thing light and bright was to be loved aka ‘European standards of beauty’ as it is referred to now. Self hate is so deeply ingrained into a psyche it’s as if we don’t know how to love each other any more.

Not only did you kill us, teach us anti-blackness you raped our women to infect them with your seed to ‘lighten our race’ did you realise that we were superior in every way so you wanted a piece of it also. Now we willingly want to be with you not all of us of course! However there are a few who see the white man as a saviour as if we can’t be loved cherished, and valued by our own people our strong black people.

Why is it when we chose to stick with our own, white people love to label us racist, it’s funny how you invented the term racism and what it means. Yet you are completely incapable of understanding congestive dissonance is one hell of a drug.

Black people do not have the luxury of being absent-minded and complacent, we do not have the luxury of messing up and expecting someone to say well it’s ok you’ll learn sometime. No instead when we make mistakes we either loose our lives at the hands of the police or have our faces plasters all over the newspapers and the news to remind us that we are animals.

Mall this imagery sinks into the psyche of everyone white, black, Asian whoever and they hate us anti-blackness effects us everywhere we go even in our precious African and Caribbean countries akin bleaching is running rampant. Plastic surgery performed to thin and Europeanise our African features its taught self hate and white people are the root cause of it!!

I say all this because I want white people to be held accountable to the damage they have done to the black race, and what they are still doing by oppressing daily and force feeding us their white only imagery! Please know that one day we shall rise and take back what is ours

If you are offended by my message then I know my message isn’t hitting hard enough however at least you read it….

Written by Sistah Soul