Why isn’t there a bigger push towards the importance of Vitamin D in the body because believe it or not it’s definitely needed.

A lot of people typically go abroad to get their sun shine quota because hingland is too cold and the sun we do does not last very long. Especially me I love going abroad on holiday and watching my melanin turn golden brown and sometimes darker.  The problem is people like me who are black it takes much longer for our skin to absorb vitamin d from the sun.

Let me explain why black people and Asian people typically have more melanin in our skin and the higher the melanin count the more it protects against the harmful uv rays of the sun. On the other hand it’s those same uv rays that are responsible for producing vitamin d in our bodies quite a lot of people here in the uk are being tested and finding out their vitamin d levels are dangerously low.

You need vitamin d it is an essential vitamin now here are some of the problems lack of vitamin d can cause:

According to healthline some of the sysptoms are always getting sick with a cold and flu as vitamin d aids in the operation of the immune system low vitamin d could be why you’re not feeling that good on a constant basis. They also identified a link between vitamin d deficiency and people contract pneumonia or bronchitis.

Chronic fatigue and tiredness it was fund women with low levels of vitamin d in their blood typically tend to present with symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome and also headaches but taking a vitamin d supplement can reverse the symptoms.

Vitamin d is key to our bodies for another reason it helps with the absorption of calcium that is vital for our bones. If your levels of vitamin d are too low you may experience bone pain due to the calcium not being absorbed properly and strengthening the bones.

Now how to reverse all of this simple when you see the sun go out in it even if it’s not too warm outside spend time in the sun as long as possible so you can expose your body to it. Secondly try and invest in a good vitamin d supplement you can get them cheap from a supermarket or if you want a more expensive option then Holland and Barrett has quite a number of them. Thirdly try and book a holiday if you can somewhere hot if you don’t want to go to far maybe Europe is an option just anywhere there will be sun. Now diet try incoperating more fish, eggs, bits of you don’t drink cows milk I believe nut mills contain fortified vitamin d and there are also fortified cereals.

Most importantly even when taking a supplement still go to your doctors and ask for a vitamin D level test just in case there is another issue going on better to be safe then sorry ☺️❤️

Written by Sistah Soul